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Winter Workshop Series with Dr Ashley Anne

We’re excited to announce a three-part winter workshop series at the YWCA Greater Green Bay with Dr. Ashley Anne, owner of Lotus Healing, LLC. As a neurocounselor, Dr. Anne has helped hundreds of people be well. Her unique approach involves integrating the entire human system – mind, body, relationships, and energy – for efficient, effective health and wellness for everyone.

She designed this three-part series specifically for the YWCA Greater Green Bay. Over the course of three Saturday mornings, she’ll walk you through a transformative healing experience that evolves from simple practices for healing yourself to transformative action you can take to heal your families and community.

Dr. Anne is first and foremost a teacher, so you’ll leave each workshop with knowledge that’s easy-to-apply to your daily life. Because she’s also a d?TERRA® Wellness Advocate and certified yoga instructor, she has incorporated specific practices with essential oils and yoga into each workshop. We’ll move around for each workshop, so be sure to dress casually and comfortably.

Although the workshops are designed to be taken together, don’t worry if you can’t attend them all. Each workshop builds on the previous one, but they’re also designed to stand alone. During the workshops, each participant will receive:

  • A Lotus Healing packet filled with healing practices
  • An essential oil blend customized for each workshop
  • A coupon for discounted one-on-one coaching service with Dr. Ashley Anne

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To register, click on the links below:

March 2, 2019: Feel to Heal: Practical Healing for Practical People
April 6, 2019: You Do You: How Being Yourself Keeps You Well
June 8, 2019: Tier 3: Heal You, Heal Two: The Art and Science of Healing Your Community