Self-Care Saturday

You earned a break!

We put together this list with some ideas on where to start, but you know yourself best. Spend some time on something that will allow you to be a better you tomorrow!

  1. Lay in bed. Start your day by taking some extra time and staying in bed until your body is ready to move before you start your day.
  2. Start with your favorite coffee. Whether it is a sugary, creamy concoction with more in common with a milkshake than coffee, or a rich espresso drink. Stop by a local treasure like Kavarna, or go through your favorite drive through. Get what you like in the way that makes sense for you.
  3. Cook your favorite meal. Even if it is only a single serving just for you, take the time to make it for yourself. Measure out the ingredients ahead of time, and set yourself up to enjoy the entire process. Take as long as you need.
  4. Binge your favorite show. Take a couple hours to catch up on episodes you missed, or start something new! Maybe you like award winning comedies like Ted Lasso on Apple TV, or star studded mysteries like Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. There are always guilty pleasure reality shows like The Circle on Netflix, or classic historical dramas like Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime.
  5. Enjoy a shower or bath. Conserving water is important, but its okay to splurge every now and again (you’ll make sure to be extra quick the rest of the week, right?). If you’re brave, consider tying a cold shower – there are lots of benefits!
  6. Spend time on a hobby. You know what you like, take 30 minutes to do it! Or try something new. Put together a puzzle. Attempt the crossword today. Crocheting is easier than it looks!
  7. Take yourself on a date. Buy a ticket to that new movie, make a reservation for one at your favorite restaurant, or spend an hour in the park with a view. Use everything you know about you, and try hard to impress yourself! However, we have it on good authority that you will probably say yes to a second date – regardless of how this one goes – so no pressure.
  8. Retail therapy. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! Today, October 23rd, shop for a cause when you visit Azure in De Pere, where 10% of their sales will go to benefit YWCA Greater Green Bay!
  9. Take a napWhat else do we have to say about this one? You earned it!
  10. Listen to your favorite songs. This one is easy, free, and can take as few as a couple minutes. Make sure to dance like no one is watching! If you don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with Pharrell – bonus points for all of dancers who clearly don’t care what anyone thinks of their moves!
  11. Disconnect from social media. Other people are great, but sometimes we need to leave room for ourselves. Today, don’t worry about what everyone else thinks – what do you think? Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – what do you want to do?
  12. De-clutter your home. Take some time to clean that neglected corner of your home, or reorganize that closet where you can never find anything. Make sure to imagine how much easier your daily life will be after your improvements. If you need some tips, start with this video.
  13. Meditate, or simply do nothing. Let your mind wander. If your thoughts drift to you job or your to-do list let those pass by and move along to different thoughts that you enjoy. Use this 2 minute meditation for a little help.
  14. Pets! Get some love from the furry ones in your life! Go for an long walk, or take the time for an extra cuddle session. If you love animals, but don’t care for any yourself, consider getting involved with the Wisconsin Humane Society in Green Bay. Alternatively if you don’t like animals…
  15. Plants! Get your hands dirty, dig in the soil and plant something new, or take care of what you already have. Connect with the earth and other living things. Schroeder’s has an excellent selection of houseplants right now – stop by and go home with a new friend (they’re great listeners)!