Meet Our Team

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Meet the team at the YWCA Greater Green Bay. We are dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Feel free to contact via email or by calling (920) 432-5581 with the appropriate extension.

Leadership Team

Renita Robinson, | ext. 132

Renita is the Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Greater Green Bay. Renita has served women, children and low-resourced individuals for over 30 years. Formerly licensed as a graduate social worker (LGSW), and 6-12th grade English and Social Studies teacher, Renita has been an advocate, educator and supporter for the homeless, victims of sexual and domestic violence and individuals marginalized through a variety of oppressions. She holds MEd and MS degrees, and has completed all course work for a doctorate in teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota Duluth. For over 20 years, Renita has developed curriculum, designed conferences and programs and conducted workshops and addressed a wide range of audiences as the owner of Teach ‘Em To Fish, LLC–a non-profit consulting business dedicated to curriculum development and training on a variety of social justice issues.

Kris Neveau, CFO/Operations Director | | ext. 131

Kris joined the YWCA in March 2016 after a successful 30 year career in small business management. She is a multi-dimensional leader with extensive and progressive experience in the volatile marketing and advertising industry, demonstrating patience, adherence to a solid plan and the ability to react quickly, yet responsibly. She is an innovative strategist with significant background in small business ownership, finance, human resources and general management. Kris has her MBA from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and her bachelor’s degree in Managerial Accounting from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

Sarah Bucio, Child Care Director | |ext.122

Sarah has dedicated her career to advocating for quality care and early education for our youngest citizens of this world. Sarah believes in play based learning through a child led curriculum which allows children the time, space, and freedom to explore and develop at their own pace. She truly believes the CHILDREN are the curriculum. Sarah has her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. With over 9 years in the field, Sarah has extensive classroom teaching experience as well as management of licensed child care centers. Sarah has also participated in numerous public speaking events at local and national conferences as they relate to early childhood education.

Sandy Ocker, Member Services | ext. 142

Sandy has been greeting members and guests with a smile as Member Services Director since August 2017. A graduate of UWGB with a degree in Humanistic Studies, Sandy strengthened her customer service skills through years in the hospitality industry. She is also proud of her penchant for details, demonstrated in her work as a marketing firm proofreader.


Chrisann Walsh, Health & Wellness Director | | ext. 121

Chrisann has a drive and passion to teach and spread her love of fitness and wellness to everyone she meets. A Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Yoga Instructor for many years, Chrisann enjoys most any activity including motorcycling, bicycling, running, walking, hiking and cross country skiing. A life lived outdoors is good! A native of Montana, married 33 years to Mike Walsh and a 13 year old furbaby, Charlie…life is always interesting and fun. Chrisann has worked in a hospital environment, worked with students and clients of all ages and degrees of fitness, including injuries, worked in multiple gyms, owned her own yoga and fitness studio and now is the Health and Wellness Director at the awesome YWCA Greater Green Bay.

Jasmine Gordon, WEC Coordinator | | ext. 141

Jasmine has enjoyed her role as the Women’s Empowerment Center Coordinator at the YWCA Greater Green Bay as she is passionate about serving and empowering women from all walks of life. Her favorite part about working at the YWCA has been interacting with members, shoppers, volunteers and working alongside the YWCA’s awesome staff. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, binging Netflix shows and traveling.


Teri DeGrand, Aquatics | ext. 146

There is no shortage of testimonials for Teri, the Aquatics Director at the YWCA Greater Green Bay since 1990. Scores of swimmers and parents laud Teri for going above and beyond to not only help them in the water but help them become better people. The Milwaukee native has scored a number of noteworthy accomplishments – from coaching numerous swimmers who continued their career at the collegiate level to coaching teams to conferences and section titles. Teri’s words to live by are simple – “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”


Support Staff

Nicole Nelson, Youth Fitness Coordinator  | | ext. 134

Nicole started working at the YWCA as a dance and fitness instructor in 2017. Currently, she teaches and organizes youth dance classes, instructs adult fitness classes, organizes the youth land classes and events, and works at the member services desk. Nicole also hosted her first youth recital at the YW in March of 2019. Nicole’s journey into Health & Wellness started a few years ago when she decided to take control of her own health and well-being. Through her own journey, Nicole has learned so much information and ways to help herself, and now she shares that knowledge with others. Nicole’s fitness background is in dance. She has a background in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, line dancing, ballroom, belly dancing, baton twirling, ribbon dancing, poms, and a bit of clogging and Irish dance. She looks forward to hosting more recitals and being able to offer more fun activities to help keep children active and healthy.

Joe Tappa, Maintenance | ext. 140

“Joe Pool,” as we affectionately like to call him, has been keeping the building mechanicals and pools operating smoothly and efficiently since 2018. His knowledge of plumbing, construction and overall building maintenance has been invaluable to the YW. If there is something Joe doesn’t know how to do, he will very quickly figure it out! Previously to the YW, Joe worked in the auto glass and plumbing industries as well as property maintenance.

Tonie Bear, Youth Program Coordinator/ | ext. 114

Tonie supervises the YWCA Child Care School Age programs, including the After School Program, Camp Downtown, and TechGYRLS. Tonie graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Underrepresented Youth Development. Tonie has worked with youth of a variety of ages in diverse settings since 2012. With experiences in human development (especially social-emotional skills), arts and literacy, STEAM, theater, leadership development, public speaking, and gender studies, she has worked in several youth-serving programs in the Green Bay area since moving here in 2014. Tonie is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Cultural Foundations of Community Engagement and Education at UW-Milwaukee. When not at work, Tonie enjoys volunteering in the community, participating in theater activities, exploring, and going home to two fluffy cats.


Karen Schwartz, Member Services | ext. 0

Karen has been with the YWCA since November of 2017. She has the opening shift Monday thru Friday. She thoroughly enjoys the enthusiasm of the small but dedicated morning crew.