Land Fitness Classes

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Classes Offered

Exercise is a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun! Would you like to check out one of our classes? Take a look at our land classes. Click here for Land Fitness Class schedules. And don’t forget our Water Exercise Classes, too.


Land Class Descriptions

MIND/BODY Classes: relax, breathe and focus while learning to place an emphasis on posture, balance and flexibility connecting your mind, body and spirit.
Chair StretchFocuses on stretching all the major muscles in the body while sitting in a chair or using the chair for balance.
Gentle YogaNice blend of Hatha-style Yoga with emphasis on breathing techniques, gentle stretches and poses, ending with relaxation. Great for beginners or anyone wanting a gentle yoga practice.
Tai ChiWorks to improve the flow of energy through the body, benefiting balance, coordination, flexibility and overall mind/body strength. Tai Chi helps to eliminate stress and brings a feeling of calmness and overall well-being.
Yin Yoga & ChocolateDedicated to calm relaxation; hold poses for longer periods to promote flexibility and range of motion.
YogaAncient practice that promotes relaxation, stress relief, balance, energy and deep breathing.
CARDIO classes: keep your heart healthy by working on raising your heart rate and increasing your endurance all while having fun!
Drum BeatsA fun cardio workout with weighted drumsticks that gets you moving to the beat! Uses core, plyo, and strength moves.
Let's HIIT It!This high-energy interval class is guaranteed to hit all the right spots. Using a Resist-a-Ball and wide variety of exercise equipment, you will drum, strengthen and stabilize during this unique and fun cardio and strength workout.
Move & Groove/Move & Groove LiteA fun and energetic class that uses a wide variety of music with step aerobics, combination step dance, and more. Be ready to move and groove! The Lite version is geared toward beginners and those who want to take it a bit easy and utilizes light weights and chairs.
STRENGTH Classes: build, tone and strengthen your body with these classes that focus on increasing muscular strength and endurance.
Barre/Barre LiteBarre is derived from ballet exercises, utilizing the ballet barre for balance and stretching. This is a great way to improve balance and flexibility, and strengthen the legs, arms and core...all at a slow, steady pace.
Butz & Gutz Core Intense core workout for those wanting a serious early morning core challenge, working the whole core (upper & lower abs, obliques, hips, glutes, back and shoulders.) Modifications offered for all levels of fitness.
Core & MoreStrength class targeting the core muscles and upper and lower body, using weights, balls, Pilates rings and more.
Functional MobilityImprove your functional daily movement with strength, balance and cardio exercises personalized in a small group setting. Class includes a gentle warm up, progresses into strengthening and ends in a cool down of stretching or foam rolling. Modifications shown for all levels of fitness.
Lunch CrunchGeared toward the lunch crowd who wants a fast, fierce strength and core challenge in the Fitness Center. Will incorporate HIIT, circuits, strength and core.
Move It or Lose ItWell, it's true! If we don't keep moving, we lose muscle tone and mass, flexibility and mobility. This class is a light workout, geared towards those just getting back into fitness or those who just want to take it a bit easy.
PickleballA paddle sport created for all ages to play. The rules are simple, and the game is easy to learn. New players are always welcome!
Strength & CoreThis challenging class is the basis of fundamental strength and core training, using body weight, weights, bands, Resist-a-Balls, mats and discs.
Vida JovenA class for active older Spanish-speaking adults. Lots of great chair exercises and standing. It will get you moving.

Specialty Classes

SPECIALTY Classes: these classes may have an additional fee.
Ballroom BasicsCome with a partner or solo. Learn basics of Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha and more. Jump in any time! Consistent attendance will enable you to learn more challenging moves. Dancing shoes required or good spinning shoes (preferably no higher than 2").
Line Dance RevolutionThis fun class will revive your interest in a variety of styles including the Hustle, Electric Slide, the Wobble, the Macarena and more. Dancing is great cardio!
Self-DefenseThis self-defense class is based on the martial art of Aikido. You will learn practical self-defense skills that work against larger, stronger attackers while gaining stamina, balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and resilience.
ZumbaLatin rhythms combined with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow. No experience required.