RENEW Life Coaching Program

Launched in the fall of 2015, the YWCA RENEW (Real Engagement Naturally Empowers Women) life coaching program addresses the foundational need of building self-esteem among underrepresented women in the Green Bay area. The majority of the women served by the Women’s Empowerment Center lack the financial resources to afford life coaching yet desperately need the benefits of participation that include self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-discovery, self-confidence, and motivation toward economic self-sufficiency. Women who have a strong sense of self-worth are significantly more likely to create a sustainable future for themselves and their families. We seek to reduce the financial barrier for women, especially single mothers, to participate in RENEW.

The RENEW life coaching program is designed to empower women in mind, body, and spirit to dream, grow and embrace their authentic selves. Join us on this adventure into personal discovery and fulfillment that will help you discover who you are created to be!

Vida Renovada

The RENEW Life Coaching program at the YWCA is offering six free life coaching sessions for the Latin women of greater Green Bay! Each session will be 60 minutes long. These sessions are being held by Deniz Valdez, a Northeast Wisconsin Technical College student. Deniz is currently working on completing her wellness and health promotion associate degree. She plans to graduate May 2020 and will then become a certified life coach.

A life coach is a relationship between the client and coach where you come with a goal and Deniz facilitates that process. It is an opportunity to learn to break harmful cycles, experience personal growth, find self-love, take control of our mind, and dive into our own self-discovery.

As a coach, Deniz believes that the client has all the answers and solutions that they need in their journey. She guides clients with the support, encouragement, accountability and guidance to get there.

This free opportunity has five spots available. To register or for questions, please contact Deniz via email at For more information, click the following links (English version), (Spanish version).

Life Coaching with Jess Kofler

The RENEW program at the YWCA is partnering with Life Coach & Business Strategist, Jess Kofler this spring. She will be offering her 6-week program Guts & Grace starting March 25, 2020!

Jess believes that because we live in turbulent times we tend to be stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. For a lot of us, we tend to place blame and we feel we are victims of our circumstances. This impacts our work performance, our job satisfaction, our relationships and our finances to name a few.

Guts & Grace is a unique 6-week group coaching program designed to help women wake up to their potential, develop self-awareness and learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions and ultimately their lives. The program will focus on 3 key areas of relationships, finance and business. Private 1×1 coaching calls will also be included.

As life coaches, we believe that each person has all of the answers and solutions that they need. Jess facilitates conversation around sometimes difficult topics, sheds light on new possibilities, and guides her clients with questioning to promote self-discovery and discover answers from within.

The class is designed for a maximum of 10 people so please reserve your spot here ASAP. Want to connect with Jess? Email her at


“This program has improved my self-esteem significantly. It has made me learn to love myself and take control of my life. I now accept myself when I never really could before.” Kristine, RENEW participant

“I changed jobs and actually feel happy and fulfilled when I am done with work. Life coaching showed me that I do not have to settle . . . I can be in control of my life and be happy!” Sarah, RENEW participant

“This program has enriched me by allowing me to grow on another level, giving me the tools to get to a place where I finally can be confident, happy, and successful.” Molly, RENEW participant

Scholarships are available. Contact Jasmine Gordon at the Women’s Empowerment Center at (920) 432-5581 ext 141, or for more information.


To participate in the program or become a sponsor, contact Jasmine Gordon, Women’s Empowerment Center at or (920) 432-5581 ext 141.