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The YWCA is committed to providing community education around social justice topics. We will have a variety of programs throughout the year. Please check this page often for new workshops and events. We hope you will join us in our quest to eliminate racism and empower women!

Stand Against Racism/Courageous Conversations

The YWCA’s signature campaign, Stand Against Racism, is our opportunity to have open and safe conversations about building an inclusive community. This campaign takes the form of a yearly event as well as a weekly series.

Intercultural Development Inventory

We are very excited to offer the Intercultural Development Inventory to individuals!  We use this tool to help you understand the way you are approaching cultural commonalities and differences.  We then give custom recommendations for growth.  This is a foundational tool that helps individuals and groups jump start their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.  It is helpful for people who are brand new to DEI work and seasoned pros.  Additionally, the IDI really super charges other DEI work by helping focus efforts on the most helpful next steps for each individual.

Click here to purchase an IDI assessment for an individual!

To inquire about participating in IDI programming for a group, contact ahuggenvik@ywcagreenbay.org

Anti-Racism Summer Intensive for White Educators

This program is to help white educators unpack and understand their own cultural identity, how physical and social structures were built to reflect white identity, and how we can challenge and rebuild those systems in our classrooms.

The curriculum includes engaging with the Intercultural Development Inventory, readings and listenings, individual and group zoom meetings, and private online discussion boards.  We developed this program with summer in mind!  A hefty chunk of the curriculum is podcasts or other auditory delivery to make them beach/garden/road trip/washing dishes compatible.  Most of the group conversation is through online discussion boards so you can squeeze in a little anti-racism education while waiting in the car for a kiddo to finish up piano lessons or in the precious early morning hours before the rest of the house wakes up.

For more information or to jump in, email ahuggenvik@ywcagreenbay.org

Funded in part by a grant from Wisconsin Humanities, with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Wisconsin Humanities strengthens the roots of community life through educational and cultural programs that inspire civic participation and individual imagination.

Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this project do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Racism and Its Impacts on Health Study Report Out and Discussion

Join the YWCA Greater Green Bay and Brown County Public Health as we report study findings sponsored by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Basic Needs grant. This collaborative community health summary explored the impact of race on health and well-being in our community.

These virtual sessions were offered in multiple languages.

Racism and Its Impacts on Health - Report-Out (English)

Racism and Its Impacts on Health - Report-Out (Somali)

Contact us with questions or for more information.