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The YWCA is committed to providing community education around social justice topics. We will have a variety of programs throughout the year. Please check this page often for new workshops and events. We hope you will join us in our quest to eliminate racism and empower women!

Stand Against Racism/Courageous Conversations

The YWCA’s signature campaign, Stand Against Racism Series, is our opportunity to have open and safe conversations about building an inclusive community. Join us as we learn about each other in a warm and welcoming environment. Click on the above link to see the latest scheduled sessions.

Building Anti-Racist Educators:
Professional Development Cohort 2019-2020

There are many teachers in Northeast Wisconsin (and across the country) attempting to do work to combat racist policies & practices within schools, however many teachers do not feel supported in this work and/or feel the need to be better educated on how to do the work in a supportive environment.  Data in schools tells us time and time again that our students from marginalized backgrounds consistently receive more negative consequences and lower test scores. We know that this is not their fault, nor their parents’ fault. Educational institutions need more opportunities to build active anti-racist educators and staff to advocate for students and to support families from marginalized communities for students to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

The YWCA Greater Green Bay is honored, in partnership with our community supporters, to offer the Building Anti-Racist Educators – Professional Development Cohort 2019-2020. This cohort activates our dedication to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. We believe a collaborative framework with community partners creates a strong and sustainable foundation to provide programming and services designed to meet our diverse community’s critical needs, promote self-sufficiency and achieve equitable opportunities for all. By working together, we will create a community where people can live with dignity–free from violence, racism and discrimination.

The Building Anti-Racist Educators – Professional Development Cohort 2019-2020 will guide and facilitate project-based learning and skills-building through the Building Anti-Racist White Educators framework (https://barwe215.weebly.com/). Opportunities for ongoing mentorship as well as future mentorship with each yearly cohort, will allow the professional network to grow into future years.

The Building Anti-Racist Educators – Professional Development Cohort 2019-2020 will build capacity within Northeast Wisconsin schools for teachers to study, examine, and improve teaching policies and practices around active anti-racism to better support the academic, social and emotional well-being of students of color.

Who should participate?
Educators and educational staff from all levels and institutions are welcome and encouraged to participate in this eight-month cohort. Participants should be ready to develop their own definition of what it means to be an anti-racist educator and feel supported by the group to do work within their own school(s) and community through collective action to illuminate bias, and address policies and practices that do harm.


  • Monthly professional learning and cohort meetings (both in person and online)
  • 3rd Tuesday of each month; 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • October 2019 through May 2020 beginning October 15, 2019
  • At the YWCA Greater Green Bay
    230 South Madison Street | Green Bay, WI 54301

For more information including cost and to register for this cohort, please contact Kristina Shelton at (920) 432-5581 x167 or kshelton@ywcagreenbay.org.

Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys

The YWCA is proud to partner with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. On September 28, 2019, Dr. Moore and his team will deliver a challenging, informative, and action-oriented program filled with interactive, reflective, and practical exercises and activities designed specifically for White Women Who Teach Black Boys. The institute/certification experience will be useful for others with interest in and influence with Black boys.

The majority of public elementary and secondary school teachers in the U.S., Canada, and England are White women while the students of color population in those three nations is increasing. Indeed, the students of color population now outnumbers White students in the U.S.! The research suggests that many teachers are unprepared for and in many ways unfamiliar with the cultural, social, and emotional needs of Black boys.

The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys hopes to also teach three main principles: 1) How to overcome unconscious bias and forge authentic connections with your Black male students (Understanding); 2) How to develop learning environments that help Black boys feel a sense of belonging, nurturance, challenge and love at school (Respecting); 3) How to change school culture so that Black boys can show up in the wholeness of themselves (Connecting).

To register, please click here.

About the Facilitators:

DR. EDDIE MOORE, JR., Consultant, America & Moore, LLC
Founder/President, The Privilege Institute (TPI)

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. has pursued and achieved success in academia, business, diversity, leadership and community service. In 1996, he started America & MOORE, LLC to provide comprehensive diversity, equity, privilege and leadership trainings/workshops. Dr. Moore is recognized as one of the nation’s top speakers and educators.

Dr. Moore is the Founder/Program Director for the White Privilege Conference (WPC). In 2014 Dr. Moore founded The Privilege Institute (TPI) which engages people in research, education, action and leadership through workshops, conferences, publications and strategic partnerships and relationships. Dr. Moore is co-founder of the on-line journal Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, co-editor of Everyday White People Confront Racial and Social Injustice: 15 Stories, The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys,The Diversity Consultant Cookbook: Preparing for the Challenge (2019) and Teaching Brilliant and Beautiful Black Girls (2020). Dr. Moore received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Education Leadership. His Ph.D. research is on Black Football Players at Division III Schools in the Midwest.

Twitter: @eddieknowsmoore | Instagram: eddiemoorejr


Marguerite W. Penick-Parks received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to attending graduate school she worked as a High School teacher in an urban school in Kansas City, Kansas. Dr. Penick-Parks has served as Chair of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her work centers on issues of power, privilege and oppression in relationship to issues of curriculum with a special emphasis on the incorporation of quality literature in K-12 classrooms. She appears in the movie “Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” by the World Trust Organization. Her most recent work includes a joint article on creating safe spaces for discussing white privilege with pre-service teachers and is an editor of Everyday White People Confronting Racial and Social Injustice:15 Stories (Stylus 2015), The SAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SAGE 2015) and The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys (Corwin 2017).

Implicit Bias Mini-Conference

The YWCA Greater Green Bay is partnering with several agency members of the Brown County CCR to bring you a Mini-Conference addressing implicit bias on November 1, 2019. We would be delighted to have you attend this full day educational event planned with the changing demographics of the Bay area in mind. Participants at this event will leave having been exposed to a practical definition of implicit bias, eye opening examples of how implicit bias is expressing itself in Northeast Wisconsin, and a robust community conversation about ways we can positively impact the changing demographics of Brown County and beyond. Participants will exit the conference and go back into families, jobs and lives with tools to make a difference.

A variety of regional experts in fields central to diversity, inclusion and  anti-oppression work are coming together creating an opportunity related to the YWCA’s dedication to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. They will be on hand facilitating workshops, adding wisdom to panels, and offering practical tools to all those hoping to become a part of the solution to a more inclusive community.

If your business needs support keeping up with the needs of Green Bay’s changing demographics, you will not want to miss this event. To register for this event, please click here. For more information, contact Renita Robinson at (920) 432-5581 x132 or rrobinson@ywcagreenbay.org.


For more information about our Social Justice programs, contact Renita Robinson, CEO at rrobinson@ywcagreenbay.org or (920) 432-5581 ext 132 or Kristina Shelton, Program Director at kshelton@ywcagreenbay.org or (920) 432-5581 ext 167.