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The YWCA is committed to providing community education around social justice topics. We will have a variety of programs throughout the year. Please check this page often for new workshops and events. We hope you will join us in our quest to eliminate racism and empower women!

Stand Against Racism/Courageous Conversations

The YWCA’s signature campaign, Stand Against Racism Series, is our opportunity to have open and safe conversations about building an inclusive community. Join us as we learn about each other in a warm and welcoming environment. Click on the above link to see the latest scheduled sessions.

For more information about our Social Justice programs, contact Renita Robinson, CEO at rrobinson@ywcagreenbay.org or (920) 432-5581 ext 132 or Kristina Shelton, Program Director at kshelton@ywcagreenbay.org or (920) 432-5581 ext 167.