Water Fitness Classes

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At the YWCA, we believe if you can do it on land, you can do it in the water! Take to the water for fun and fitness. The YWCA has a water fitness class that everyone will enjoy. Non-swimmers welcome with many classes occurring in shallow water.

Our excellent classes are taught by staff that take the time to learn your workout needs. Our friendly instructors keep the classes fun and exciting with new weekly exercises. With comfortable class sizes, you are sure to have a great workout in a near weightless and zero impact environment.

Benefits of taking a group fitness class:

  • Resistance of the water
  • Non-weight bearing activities
  • Motivation
  • Making new friends
  • Stick to a routine
  • Get a full body workout
  • Push yourself further
  • It’s fun!

See how others are benefiting from taking group fitness classes.

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No REGISTRATION needed. Membership or Punch Cards required. Join a class at any time throughout the session. We offer great membership packages to give you the workout experience you have been looking for.

Water Fitness Classes Available

CARDIO classes place an emphasis on raising your heart rate and increasing endurance.
Aqua Aerobics10-minute warm-up & 20-minute moderate to high-intensity aerobics followed by stretching, toning & abdominal work. High intensity. Involves jumping, bouncing & being comfortable taking both feet off the pool bottom.
Deep Water AerobicsChoose a high or low-intensity workout. Must feel comfortable being in deep water. Flotation devices are provided. **Class is held in the lap pool**
Joint MovementLow to moderate impact focusing on improving range of motion & increasing flexibility with a cardio workout.
Joint Movement +Low to moderate impact focusing on improving range of motion & increasing flexibility with a cardio workout. (+) Must be comfortable lifting and moving feet off the bottom of the pool.
Water WalkingEasy and fun way to condition heart, lungs and strengthen muscles. Exercise at your own pace in our warm water pool. For all fitness levels, including people with arthritis.
COMBINATION classes place an emphasis on increasing aerobic endurance AND muscular strength and endurance.
Aqua MedleyA medley of low intensity to moderate aquatics exercises. Classes will vary throughout the session.
H2O CircuitA vigorous interval workout that quickly changes from cardio exercise to strength training exercise. Cardio & weight training in one fun workout.
Noodle ManiaGet a full body work out using a variety of noodles. Water, compared to land, has 12 to 15 times more resistance and now add a noodle. Whoa! Enjoy!
MIND/BODY classes place an emphasis on posture, balance, and flexibility along with mental components like focus and relaxation.
Aqua YogaA variety of yoga postures in the water. Promoting balance, energy, deep breathing & relaxation.
Water PilatesPilates exercises for the pool focusing on movements from the abdomen, lower back, hips, & buttocks to flow outward to the lower extremities. Develop balance by stabilizing the body’s core, improve posture & relieve stress.
Water Tai ChiBased on mind-body concepts of the ancient martial art of tai chi combined with gentle qualities of water exercise for all ages. Helps eliminate stress & brings balance to your life.