Wage Gap By Age – Shoe

Penalties to women’s pay are immediate and get worse they age, move up the corporate ladder, and/or attain higher education. Earning a few percent less might not sound like a lot, but considering how raises and wage negotiations are often focused on wage history, the difference compounds over time.

As a 27 year old woman, your character likely earns $0.86 per dollar earned by men.

White women who are classified as individual contributors* in education fields are paid $0.84 for every dollar white men individual contributors are paid.

•White women who have earned a bachelor’s degree are paid $0.82 for every dollar white men who have earned bachelor’s degrees are paid.

*Individual contributors are people are only responsible for their own work and are not managers or supervisors of other employees. Individual contributors in education include teachers, paraprofessionals, coaches, and administrative assistants.?