Where We Live: Race Based Mascots & Logos – Native American Perspectives

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Where We Live: Race Based Mascots & Logos - Native American Perspectives

We lead off this second round of  the “Where We Live” collaboration between the YWCA Greater Green Bay and The Privilege Institute with “Race Based Mascots & Logos – Native American Perspectives.”

One of the most challenging conversations in classrooms today center around race. This program invites students to become active participants in a safe discussion about one of the most public debates surrounding the topic of Native American mascots and logos. Marketing, branding, art and cultural identity are discussed to create a classroom environment that invites active learning, listening and decision making with respect at the heart of the conversation. Marin Webster Denning was the face of Marquette University in the 1980s as “The First Warrior” and brings the perspective of being a living representation of a college basketball team and of a people. This program is suggested for middle school, high school and college age students who are open to evolving conversations.

Study mentioned in discussion: Reclaiming Native Truth Research Findings


Marin (Mark) Denny | Educator | University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee | Oneida

Marin (Mark) Denning’s Anishinaabe name is Nodaway Benaise and he is Sturgeon Clan.  He is enrolled in the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, and his  ancestry includes Menominee, Mille Lacs Ojibwe, Stockbridge-Munsee, French and English. His experience as an educator, lecturer and curriculum specialist in American Indian history and culture has taken me all over the world, working with people, communities and organizations. As a parent of four children, he served on the board to bring about Milwaukee’s Indian Community School, a flagship institution of Urban American Indian education. He has also served as an advisor on the Gates Millenium Educational Foundation and is  a board member of Indian Summer Festival.  He lectures at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – in the school of education and works as a consultant and trainer with Boeing Corporation and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. His passion is helping teachers, students and businesses understand and appreciate Native American culture from a historical and contemporary point of view, to create greater understanding, teamwork and communication.

Lance Kelley | Social Science Instructor | Northeast Wisconsin Technical College | Creek & Sho/Pai

Lance Kelley, a citizen of the Muskogee Creek Nation from Oklahoma and a descendant of Shoshoni-Paiute tribes from Duck Valley Indian Reservation located in Nevada, is a full time Social Science Instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  As a classroom teacher for over twenty years, he works to create awareness of the many issues facing Native people today, including Indian stereotypes, misconceptions about Indian Gaming, use of native imagery and sovereignty for Indian nations.  Lance is also involved with his community, participating in various cultural, social, and political activities. Lance has a Master’s degree from University of California Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and Education from the University of Oklahoma.

Jacqueline Keeler | Editor-in-Chief | Pollen National Magazine | Dine’/Yankton Dakota

Jacqueline Keeler is a Diné/Ihanktonwan Dakota writer living in Portland, Oregon. She is editor-in-chief of Pollen National Magazine and has contributed to The Nation, Salon.com, The DailyBeast, Quartz, and many other publications. She has been interviewed on PRI’s The World, BBC, MSNBC and Democracy Now.  Her book “The Edge of Morning: Native Voices Speak for the Bears Ears” and the forthcoming “Standing Rock to the Bundy Standoff: Occupation, Native Sovereignty, and the Fight for Sacred Landscapes” are both available from Torrey House Press.

Panel Hosts and Moderators

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. | Founder & Executive Director | The Privilege Institute (TPI)

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. is the Founder and Program Director for the White Privilege Conference (WPC). In 2014 Dr. Moore founded The Privilege Institute (TPI) which engages people in research, education, action and leadership through workshops, conferences, publications and strategic partnerships and relationships. Dr. Moore is co-founder of the on-line journal, Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, co-editor of Everyday White People Confront Racial and Social Injustice: 15 Stories, The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys, The Diversity Consultant Cookbook: Preparing for the Challenge (2019) and Teaching Brilliant and Beautiful Black Girls (2020). Dr. Moore received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Education Leadership. His Ph.D. research is on Black Football Players at Division III Schools in the Midwest.

Twitter: @eddieknowsmoore | Instagram: eddiemoorejr | In:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/eddiemoorejr

Renita Robinson | CEO | YWCA Greater Green Bay

Renita is the Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Greater Green Bay. Renita has served women, children and low-resourced individuals for over 30 years. Formerly licensed as a graduate social worker (LGSW), and 6-12th grade English and Social Studies teacher, Renita has been an advocate, educator and supporter for the homeless, victims of sexual and domestic violence and individuals marginalized through a variety of oppressions. She holds MEd and MS degrees, and has completed all course work for a doctorate in teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota Duluth. For over 20 years, Renita has developed curriculum, designed conferences and programs and conducted workshops and addressed a wide range of audiences as the owner of Teach ‘Em To Fish, LLC–a non-profit consulting business dedicated to curriculum development and training on a variety of social justice issues.

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