Where We Live Series

Where We Live: Green Bay’s Virtual Town Hall Series

A collaboration between the YWCA & The Privilege Institute | Sponsored by Tweet/Garot Mechanical

The events of the past few weeks have exposed a gaping wound not just in our black community, but in communities across our nation. It’s actually more than a wound, it’s a compound fracture that we have tried to band aid for decades, when it calls for a complete reconstruction of our systems and values as human beings. We cannot continue to sit in silence as more black people are reduced to hashtags and headlines. We must come together for healing and enact change.

The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. In support of this mission and these goals, the YWCA offers programs and services to meet critical needs, promote self-sufficiency, eliminate racism and violence, and achieve equal opportunities for all people. We endeavor to create a safe space for the community to congregate and engage in conversations and connections that compel change for the entire community one member at a time.

For the past 21 years, The Privilege Institute (TPI) / White Privilege Conference (WPC) has examined challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work towards a more equitable world. The WPC provides an opportunity for participants to discuss how white privilege, white supremacy, and oppression affects daily life while giving strategies for addressing issues of privilege and oppression and advancing social and economic justice strategy in addressing issues of inequality. For more information on TPI, visit their web site at  theprivilegeinstitute.com.

You can get involved today by learning more about the issues, speaking up when you see injustice or inequity, and joining one of the many organizations in the Green Bay area that promotes equity and inclusion for all its citizens including the YWCA and TPI.

Change starts with where you are, within your own community.

To all of our Black community members, we stand with you and with all who stand against anti-Black sentiments, racism, racial profiling, police brutality, and injustice.

YWCA Women marching to stand against racism.


“Green Bay’s Virtual Town Hall”

In this first town hall event in the “Where We Live” series, our panel of speakers discuss the current climate locally and around the country in the wake of the murder of another unarmed black man, George Floyd. Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich and Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith weigh in on what the City of Green Bay is doing to improve the lives of citizens of color in the community and how they are working toward positive change. Renita Robinson (YWCA GB), Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. (TPI), Mai J. Lo Lee (UWGB MESA), and Robin Tinnon (We All Rise) weigh in on how their organizations are actively working to create positive change and equity for all community members.

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“A Black Man and a Policeman Speak”

In this second installment in the Where We Live series sponsored by YWCA Greater Green Bay and The Privilege Institute, Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. of the Privilege Institute engaged in a candid and timely conversation with Commander Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department about policing and racism. This discussion was facilitated by Renita Robinson, CEO of YWCA Greater Green Bay.

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“The Weaponization of Language: Decoding the  Language of Racism”

Language is a powerful vehicle of communication, this Where We Live conversation  includes experts in race relations and linguistics unpacking numerous ways that language has been used to create prejudice, discrimination and antagonism against people of a different race or ethnicity. Participants will be offered solutions for ways language can be used to heal.




“Problem or Solution: The Role of Systems and Professionals in Addressing Racism”

Racism does not function in a vacuum, it is a condition in society in which a dominant racial group systematically benefits from the oppression of others, whether that group wants such benefits or not. Additionally, systems lead by humans with privilege often carry out the oppression in their positions of authority whether they are aware of it or not. Professionals with privilege and power will share their experience of coming to understand their role in perpetuating racism, and how they have decided to be a part of the solution to ending practices that oppress non-white members of society.




“Connecting Green Bay: Resources to End Racism”

There are numerous agencies, businesses and individuals working to end racism in Brown county. This installment of Where We Live will provide insight into a variety of community studies and efforts to address the disparate impact of racism in the lives of members of the greater Green Bay community, and share local efforts working to lay a foundation for change.

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“Race Based Mascots & Logos – Native American Perspectives”

We lead off this second round of  the “Where We Live” collaboration between the YWCA Greater Green Bay and The Privilege Institute with “Wisconsin Mascots & Moore!” This webinar event tackles the issue of intolerance and harm hidden in plain view in the form of  “Indian” sports mascots, logos, and other symbols.  Derogatory “Indian” sports mascots have serious psychological, social and cultural consequences for Native Americans, especially Native youth. This group of panelists will unpack caricatures that are harmful and degrading with images that  perpetuate negative stereotypes and thwart the respect due to native people. It also expands a dialogue about how changes in cemented patterns of oppression help start the healing from historic wounds and elevates the dignity of Native peoples to its rightful place.

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