Previous Stand Against Racism Events

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Stand Against Racism 2020/2021

August 19, 2020Rooted in Racism: Healthcare Disparities
September 16, 2020Racism and COVID-19: Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities
October 21, 2020Rooted in Racism: Housing Disparities
November 18, 2020Racism and COVID-19: Latino Communities
December 16, 2020Finding Joy: Self-Care While Doing Anti-Racism Work
February 3, 2021Rooted in Racism: Food Insecurity
February 17, 2021Racism and COVID-19: Black Communities
March 17, 2021Rooted in Racism: Maternal Health and Infant Death Rates in the Black Community
April 21, 2021Racism and COVID-19: Native American Communities
April 24, 2021Stand Against Racism: Connecting Racism and Public Health
April 24, 2021Stand Against Racism: Translating Data to Policy
May 19, 2021Finding Balance: Mental Health and the Impacts of Racism
June 16, 2021Intersectionality: The Crossroads of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Where We Live Series

The Where We Live series is the first extension of our Stand Against Racism series.  Born from the social unrest following the murder of George Floyd, these discussions are intended to create space for the whole community to be present and engage in conversations about racism in America and, more locally, the Greater Green Bay area.  We are bringing together community members, leaders, and experts to provide the information and guide the conversation needed to enact change.  It is our hope that through these conversations members of the Green Bay community will acquire the tools needed to help eliminate racism.

No Wrong Thing Series

The No Wrong Thing series is another extension of our Stand Against Racism series. These discussions are intended to be a safe space for the types of disarming conversations that many shy away from for fear of saying the wrong thing. Our panelists model the kind of transparency needed to build bridges across racial and other demographic differences in women of this region. These candid hour-long discussions are a refreshing look at the beauty and strength present when powerful, intelligent women work together for a common cause.  Eliminating racism and empowering women in Brown County starts with conversations like these. View the entire series here.

Racism and Its Impacts on Health: A Collaborative Community Study

Report Out Event & Discussion

Join the YWCA Greater Green Bay and Brown County Public Health as we report study findings sponsored by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Basic Needs grant. This collaborative community health summary explores the impact of race on health and well-being in our community.  Click here to see the Brown County Community Health Assessment.

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The 2020/2021 Stand Against Racism, Where We Live, and No Wrong Thing Series are sponsored by:

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