Sample Email to Senator Murray

Dear Senator Murray,

I urge you to pass the Child Care for Working Families Act through committee and champion the bill in the full House and Senate.

In this moment of prolonged health, economic, and social challenges for our nation, YWCAs see first-hand the importance of a robust, multi-pronged solution that addresses the myriad of barriers we see each day. While we are extremely grateful for the funds provided by Congress through the pandemic emergency relief bills, no one had the ability to predict the length of the pandemic and the ongoing unpredictability that would result. Additional long-term investments are urgently needed to lower the costs of childcare, support providers, and ensure they have the necessary skills and training to successfully support our children. YWCA strongly urges Congress to immediately implement robust funding that would expand access to high quality care that is dependable, accessible, and reduce costs for families.

YWCAs continue to feel the economic and workforce shortages resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and cite provider salary remaining at near poverty levels and the lack of equitable income and flexible work options as some of the highest impediments to attracting and retaining quality candidates. That is why we are reminding Members that robust funding and support for livable wages for childcare providers must also be urgently addressed to ensure families can return to work and our economy can continue to thrive. Childcare providers are the backbone of our economy, and it is time we recognize their value.

Families need an early learning and care system that provides high-quality, affordable child care and access to quality preschool programs. Child care should be affordable, programs should be high-quality, workers should be adequately compensated, and the system should be designed to support working families.  The Child Care for Working Families Act moves our child care system towards these goals.  Please consider championing this legislation.