Action – Childcare

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Most women who spend more than two years away from work cite access to affordable and high quality childcare as at least part of their reason for not working. At YWCA, we love stay at home moms. Our concern is when women pause their careers to stay home with their children not out of choice but out of necessity. Urge congress to invest in childcare to make childcare a more sustainable career option for childcare providers, and a more affordable option for families seeking care.

  • Write to the Chairwoman of the Senate HELP Committee showing your support for The Child Care for Working Families Act.  
  • Feel free to write your own personal story, or follow this link to find language you could copy and paste as a starting point for your message to Senator Patty Murray.
  • Use this link to write to Senator Patty Murray: Write To Patty – Senator Patty Murray (