Becoming the Best You by ChrisAnn Walsh

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Becoming the Best You by ChrisAnn Walsh

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Are you ready to exercise? How prepared are you to change? Studies show that about 7 out of 10 people who start an exercise program will drop out within a few months. That’s a lot of work for some sore muscles, money spent on new shoes, a gym membership and a Fitbit! One of the challenges of starting a workout program is that people jump into something without realizing and planning for the commitment necessary to achieve their goals. We need to take responsibility for the success or failure of our exercise plan. It’s the “Law of Possession.” I always say “If it’s going to BE, it’s got to be ME.” It can be tempting to blame it on our jobs, our spouse, the weather or our lack of time. Those around us can support our efforts, but we are the ones who have to do the exercises and carve out time to do them. We must be willing to give up the sedentary lifestyle and start moving.

Exercise takes hard work and discipline. There needs to be a commitment to “delayed gratification.” Results won’t happen right away, so it takes willpower, character and persistence to keep forging ahead. Staying with a program requires hard work, but YOU can do it!

Consistency is the thing that I talk to clients about a lot. There needs to be an adherence to setting goals, making time and exercising on a regular basis. Work on developing an attitude of NOT giving up. If you get off track, it’s not a big deal, just dust off, pick yourself up and keep going. When a person starts to miss workouts on a regular basis and makes excuses, then it’s clear that the desire to stick to the goal has disappeared. Regardless of busy work schedules or lack of energy, we must keep exercising to produce ongoing results.

Another important topic for success is self-belief. If you think you CAN or you think you CAN’T….YOU are probably right! If there is a sense of self-doubt, it will override your ability to move forward and succeed. Finding a group of like-minded souls helps to build camaraderie and support. Finding a Personal Trainer, a group Fitness Instructor, a walking partner or a group of friends who like to exercise together, boosts a positive attitude.

Exercise will improve your quality of life and decrease your risks for health related diseases. Viewing your exercise routine as a lifetime goal rather than a temporary change will help you look at the whole picture and see how important it truly is to your longevity, wellness and becoming the BEST version of YOU.

Written by ChrisAnn Walsh CPT at YWCA Greater Green Bay