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Find your "New Normal" at the YWCA!

The YWCA ENCORE PROGRAM is a unique opportunity that combines physical and emotional support with education for women who are going through or have completed treatment for cancer of any type or stage.


The YWCA Encore Program offers a 6-month scholarship for unlimited land and water classes and total access to our fully equipped fitness  center. The YWCA's two, 88 degree pools provide an excellent environment for exercise when balance, soreness and joint pain are a concern.

Networking Group

The Encore Networking Group is women of all ages and phases of survivorship. The group meetings provide a safe setting for socializing and sharing common concerns related to cancer, recovery, surgery and treatments. Guest speakers, local practitioners and health related service representatives are often scheduled to share information relating to cancer survivorship.

Monthly Group Meetings - 10:00 a.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month 


Goals of the Encore Program


  • Relieve discomfort associated with surgery and treatment
  • Reduce the potential risk of lymphedema
  •  Increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion
  • Decrease bone loss with weight bearing exercise 
  • Build strength 
  • Improve balance 
  • Develop cardiovascular endurance
  • Maintain and control weight 
  •  Provide relaxation technique
  • Create a positive attitude toward health and life
  • Boost self-esteem and self-image 
  • Create and enjoy friendships and unity









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I am Ellen--daughter, sister, wife mother, grandmother, cancer survivor.
Of all my "titles," it is the last one that made me realize how important and special all of my other titles were. Not only to me, but to the people who gave those titles to me. The cancer diagnosis derailed me. All of the surgeries, treatments, fear, and questions left me feeling lost. I needed to find my way back.

After my surgeries and treatments left me bloated, stiff, and in pain, I wanted to regain my normal life. It didn't take long to realize that what I had would never be again. My life had changed. It was a simple thing, a flier in my oncology handbook, which put me on a path leading the the YWCA Encore Program and my "New Normal."

It was a low start, but the water classes, fitness center, and networking group were the tools I needed to help me get past my diagnosis and on my way to a full recovery. My oncologist was so impressed by how quickly I was rebounding and commented that she wished that more of her patients would do what I was doing. After participating in Encore for four years, the excess weight was gone, the pain was manageable, and I have the most incredible friendships that will last my lifetime. 

For more information on the Encore program,
contact Health & Wellness Director Collin Gaie 
at cgaie@ywcagreenbay.org or 920-432-5581, ext 121.