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The YWCA TechGYRLS® seeks to empower young girls in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and to encourage them to pursue careers within these fields, particularly for underrepresented girls.

The YWCA TechGYRLS® program was developed in response to the widening gender gap in exposure to an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is a national program created by the YWCA of the USA in 1997. Studies show that only 18% of people who earned undergraduate engineering degrees in 2010 were female, and that by the time girls reach middle school their participation in STEM subjects begin to drop and continues to decline through high school. Only 25% of people in the STEM fields are women, yet they earn 33% more than women in non-STEM careers. And according to the 2013 U.S. Census, the percentage of people living below poverty level in Wisconsin is 13.5%. So why aren't more girls pursuing higher education in a STEM career to break the cycle of poverty in their family?

TechGYRLS® creates a pipeline of success for its youth. It provides a safe, boys-free environment for girls to explore their interests and let go of misconceptions. Overall, the program builds strong leaders that are able to create social change within our community. 


"TechGYRLS® can help us if we want to be a builder or an engineer! It's fun!"

-Gabi, 6th grader at Franklin Middle School

"I got involved in TechGYRLS® because it's an all-girls class. I also got involved in this class because I heard that there are a lot of fun things to do. I want to be a graphic designer. The classes will benefit me in the future because it teaches me how to program things on the computer. That's why I love TechGYRLS®!"

-Raija, 7th grader at St. John the Baptist School

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Who can participate in TechGYRLS? 

Girls 3rd-8th grade

When and Where?

TechGYRLS is held during after school hours, one hour per week for eight weeks. Locations vary each semester, each year. We are in a number of schools in Brown, Winnebago, Door and Kewaunee counties, and partner with other organizations to host occasional tech camps.


How do I register?

TechGYRLS is not taking any registrations a this time. 



We are no longer recruiting volunteers at this time.


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