YWCA Greater Green Bay

What We Do

The YWCA Greater Green Bay offers programs throughout our community designed to empower women, girls and families facing poverty, violence and discrimination.

We strive to create a community where everyone lives with respect and dignity by teaching people how to navigate through the daily challenges in life and reach their goals. 

We strive to support and build a community-like atmosphere in all aspects of our work.

  1. Our Child Care teachers have tremendous longevity and dedication to starting the path to lifelong learning.
  2. The YWCA's swim instructors are instrumental to why we have the "best swimming lessons in town!"
  3. The Health and Fitness Center is a great place to start your workout routine.
  4. On average, 150 women visit our Women's Career Closet monthly to acquire business professional attire. Help impact a life by allowing women to "dress for success."